Who We Are

About Executive Strategic Alliance

Our Journey

The Executive Strategic Alliance was founded by the former CHRO of Enron, Cindy Olson, with her “Mission” of bringing world class Thought Leaders to Human Resources, Technology and other senior leaders passionate about Shaping the Future of Work so they can create cultures where people do the work they love. Our Passion is to help executives become world class contributors, so they can enable world class organizations from within their own organizations and as board members of other companies.

“As the CHRO of Enron years ago, I understand how important it is for leaders to engage with Innovative world-class experts that look beyond the present to understand the future.”

Enron was the first company named by Fortune as the most Innovative Company 6 years running and was 20 years ahead of the market offering virtual work, an open market for talent allowing our employees to work from anywhere and practicing diversity as a core business imperative resulting in Innovation. Working hand in hand with McKinsey throughout my 23-year career at Enron we were the first to ask “Why” about the way the world consumed commodities.

Our Mission

To accelerate the future of work through Innovating and Disrupting the way Executives think about Culture, Technology and Talent collectively.

Executive Strategic Alliance brings provocative World Class Thought Leaders to senior executives who are shaping the Future of Work. Being the only organization that invites Technology, Human Resources and other senior leaders to come together, we Connect executives with each other and with resources designed to Elevate them and their organization.

What we believe and why we do what we do

A Desire to Innovate

ESA believes that two of the strongest business enablers are people and technology. Each require innovation, collaboration and insights from world class thought leaders to shape the future of work and create cultures where people do the work they love.

A Variety of Topics

ESA provides senior executives interactive discussions with their peers on a variety of topics from the future of work to understanding the innovative technology solutions that are rapidly coming to the market.

Elevating Executives

Senior executives are eager to broaden their exposure to Governance and/or Advisory Board opportunities. ESA  positions executives for Board service, by providing a variety of offerings to navigate their board journey.

Come join us in changing the world by “Shaping the Future of Work”