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World Class Thought Leaders disrupt the way we think about strategic topics specific to the Future of Work.  Bringing together Culture, Technology and Talent to disrupt and benefit all.  At ESA we provide an exclusive opportunity to take part in industry-leading Thought Leadership sessions conducted by the nation’s leading researchers, business leaders, and technology providers.

In todays world the partnership of Human Resources, Information Technology and other worktech executives is more important than ever to shape an amazing culture and work experience which can then in turn drive an amazing customer experience. We ignite those conversations.

Shaping the Future of Work

Executive Strategic Alliance brings provocative World Class Thought Leaders to senior executives who are shaping the Future of Work. Being the only organization that invites Technology, Human Resources and other worktech senior leaders to come together, Our Mission is to accelerate the future of work through Innovating and Disrupting the way these executives think about Culture, Technology and Talent collectively. We Connect executives with each other globally, with resources designed to Elevate them and the organization for which they work and  offer the opportunity to be positioned for a publicly traded, private and / or a startup board seat, expanding their expertise beyond their current role.

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Innovate. Disrupt. Connect. Elevate.

Executive Strategic Alliance brings together the strongest business enablers, Human Resources, Information Technology and worktech executives to gain world class insight on the future of work. We strive to connect you to next generation technologies,  help you develop powerful peer connections, and position you for board seats.


Executive Thought Leadership Forums are offered to our entire community and are led by provocative world-class Thought Leaders. These leaders disrupt the way we think about strategic topics and chart the vision for the future of work.

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Innovative Executive Briefings provide the opportunity for market influencers to share information on how to operationalize the “Disruptive Thinking” of our Thought Leaders.

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Interactive Executive Roundtables allow executives to learn from each other and gain a better understanding of how to navigate the current challenges we are facing.

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ESA WorkTech StartUp Advisors help to accelerate the growth of startup companies by providing targeted feedback on their offering. This feedback comes from the types of executives who will ultimately buy and use their products.

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Board Positioning Membership is curated to help position you for a publicly-traded, private, and/or a startup board. This membership curates the resources required for board service as you expand your awareness and expertise beyond your current role. Are you an Executive Interested in Board Seats?

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HR Leadership Development Experience is a cohort-based leadership development program designed for today’s high potential and emerging leaders within your HR organization. With this development, we help strengthen their leadership capabilities and business acumen.

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Board Positioning Membership

ESA is committed to providing opportunities for high-level professional growth so that you have the power to transform your organization and make waves in other organizations by obtaining board roles.

In the midst of the constant disruption across all areas of the Future of Work, our members are offered the resources they need to position themselves for public, private and/or advisory board roles, transforming organizations and becoming the best leaders they can be.

Complimentary Offerings

ESA offers complimentary access to world-class thought leaders who chart ideas for our future, innovative executive briefings from next generation technology companies sharing the most innovative solutions in the market and interactive executive roundtables to promote collaboration and learning across multiple cities, diverse industries and multiple functions within an organization.

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