Strategic and Consultative HR

Human Resources Leadership Development Experience

Drive Business Imperatives

Today’s Human Resources departments need to be Strategic Partners and Innovative Anticipators that not only partner with the business, but help drive business imperatives.  Each HR leader needs to be business savvy, consultative, value driven and innovative.

A Cohort-Based Development Program

Strengthening leadership capabilities and business acumen requires new skills development as well as ongoing advice and support of experienced mentors and trusted peer networks. The Human Resources Leadership Experience is a cohort-based development program designed for managers and high-potential HR leaders providing the tools required for career advancement.

The HR Leadership Experience

The HR Leadership Experience brings together managers and high-potential leaders in a peer-based, 9 month, cohort-based virtual leadership experience designed to develop HR leadership talent. The development program begins with a leadership skills assessment and incorporates collaborative workshops, peer problem-solving, relationship-building and 1:1 mentoring with a CHRO.


The curriculum components consist of:

  • Leadership Assessment Skill Builder
  • Leading in an HR Organization
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • Marketing an HR Organization
  • Peer-to-Peer Problem Solving
  • CHRO Mentoring
  • Capstone Project


Build trusted relationships with colleagues across multiple industries

Benefit from peer learning and collaboration, shared experiences and best practices

Participate in 1:1 mentoring with experienced HR leaders

Gain real-world advice, feedback, encouragement and accountability

Deliver tangible value to your organization and build awareness of HR’s significance and impact

Practice your influencing skills, create a value statement, and communicate a vision

Behind every developing leader is a mentor who understands the value of giving back through mentoring.

Participants are matched with CHRO mentors who share their experiences and can be a sounding board for mentees as they develop leadership experience. The mentee sets the agenda… the mentor is there to listen and provide feedback.

Shaping the Future of Work

Executive Strategic Alliance brings provocative World Class Thought Leaders to senior executives who are shaping the Future of Work. Being the only organization that invites Technology, Human Resources and other worktech senior leaders to come together, Our Mission is to accelerate the future of work through Innovating and Disrupting the way these executives think about Culture, Technology and Talent collectively. We Connect executives with each other globally, with resources designed to Elevate them and the organization for which they work and by offering the opportunity to position them for a publicly traded, private and / or a startup board seat, expanding their expertise beyond their current role.

Informational Sessions


Become a Mentor