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Board Positioning Membership

ESA offers a Board Positioning Membership that provides a foundation to prepare you for publicly traded, private, and start-up boards.

Serving on any of these boards has many advantages for you and your organization and board service is a development opportunity for executives as you expand your awareness and expertise beyond your own organizations. ESA’s goal is to provide the foundation to determine if Board Service is right for you and how to navigate that journey at an affordable price for any executive that desires to share their expertise beyond their own organization.

Increasing Your Awareness

Serving on boards has many advantages for you and your organization by increasing your awareness of both challenges and solutions faced by organizations and exposure to how they are dealing with global challenges in the talent arena, cybersecurity, and governance.

Key components of our Board Positioning Membership offering:

  • Exposure to board governance and interpretation of SEC financial statements
  • Connection to current board members
  • Participation in exclusive interactive discussions around hot board room topics including governance, cybersecurity, and talent
  • Participation in the startup world including due diligence for funding, how to invest, how to transfer corporate skills to startups
  • Access to Professionals actively staffing startup advisory boards
  • Opportunity to work with a Board Certified Coach to help you navigate your board journey
  • Opportunity to extend your digital brand through LinkedIn and a web-based Executive Profile
  • Opportunity to Create¬† a professional board bio


Position Yourself for Board Seats

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