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Complimentary Offerings

ESA Complimentary Access

ESA offers complimentary access to world-class thought leaders who chart ideas for our future, innovative executive briefings from next generation technology companies sharing the most innovative solutions in the market and interactive executive roundtables to promote collaboration and learning across multiple cities, diverse industries, and multiple functions within an organization.

ESA Complimentary Benefits

Join us for our Executive Thought Leadership Forums, Innovative Executive Technology Briefings, and Interactive Executive Roundtables to hear from experts and peers.  In addition to these complimentary events, you will have access to resources from these events and the opportunity to collaborate with other executives on event topics and topics of your choosing.

Complimentary Offerings

ESA WorkTech Startup

Our WorkTech StartUp Advisors lend their deep expertise, insights and feedback to fuel StartUps.

The Advisors gain the vision on how the world of WorkTech is rapidly driving aspects of the Future of Work and influencing Culture, Technology and Talent.

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Executive Thought Leadership Forums

World Class Thought Leaders disrupt the way we thing about strategic topics specific to the Future of Work.  Bringing together Culture, Technology and Talent to disrupt to benefit all.  At ESA we provide the exclusive opportunity to take part in industry-leading Thought Leadership sessions conducted by the nation’s leading researchers, business leaders, and technology providers.

In todays world the partnership of Human Resources, Information Technology and other worktech executives is more important than ever to shape the right culture and work experience which can then drive the right customer experience. And we ignite those conversations.

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Innovative Executive Briefings

Cross-industry technology trends will disrupt company strategy, organization, and operations. Join us for our Briefings which operationalize the disruptive thinking brought forth by the Thought Leaders capitalizing on panel discussions positioning our members as industry leaders by sharing experiences, insights, and best practices.

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Interactive Executive Roundtables

ESA offers the experience of participating and sharing valuable insights through roundtable discussions on a variety of topics shaping the future of work. These discussions engage senior executives with Thought Leaders to collectively learn and collaborate with each other on not only the challenges currently facing organizations but on solutions that will shape the future. Whether you are a participant or an observer in these discussions you and your organization will benefit from the collective knowledge shared.

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About us

Executive Strategic Alliance brings provocative World Class Thought Leaders to senior executives who are shaping the Future of Work. Being the only organization that invites Technology, Human Resources and other worktech senior leaders to come together, our Mission is to accelerate the future of work through Innovating and Disrupting the way these executives think about Culture, Technology and Talent collectively. We Connect executives with each other globally, with resources designed to Elevate them and the organization for which they work and by offering the opportunity to position them for a publicly traded, private and / or a startup board seat, expanding their expertise beyond their current role.

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