Founding Partner

Cindy Olson

The Executive Strategic Alliance was founded and is led by Cindy Olson, an Enterprise Executive Leader who, using the SAP platform at Enron, built in partnership with the CIO, the first truly integrated Human Capital Management system in 2000 and was selling it to Goldman Sachs before Enron filed for bankruptcy. During her 23-year career at Enron, she played a critical role in leading the company to be the first to be awarded “Fortune’s Most Innovative”, six years in a row. Cindy’s life-changing career at Enron has fueled her devotion to helping Executive Leaders create healthy cultures of innovation, as well as her commitment to help leaders create companies where people do work that they love.

When Cindy Olson reentered the Executive community, she had been a part of for over 25 years, she saw a massive movement toward digital transformation and the importance Human Resources (HR) would play along with Information Technology (IT) in this movement.

She is now using her life changing career experience as the CHRO at Enron, a 25,000 person organization, to bring insights to executives who are building cultures where solid values do not just exist on the walls of the corporate office, but are embedded in the “Hearts and Minds” of the people that work there. Through that unique experience, she believes that corporate culture is the primary driver of a company’s performance yet is often overlooked as a key business strategy.

The Executive Strategic Alliance is rooted in Cindy’s passion to help organizations be better and achieve the ability to deliver an employee experience that allows them to attract and retain the best talent in the World.